Shine Cycle

Our RIDES ARE fun, high-intensity and low-impact cardio partIES! Expert instructors create challenging, exhilarating rides featuring indoor cycling techniques combined with upper body hand weights. Choreographed to the rhythmic beats of uplifting music, you’ll stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.




Our signature class is a Party on a Bike that combines traditional cycling techniques with choreography and hand weights. Choreographed to rhythmic beats and uplifting coaching, you’ll torch calories and forget how hard you’re working. A digital detox for the mind, body and soul.

Feel good (and do good!) knowing Shine Cycle will donate 100% of proceeds of this ride to a local charity. Contact us if your favorite non-profit organization needs innovative fundraising ideas. Giving back never felt so good!

Everyone deserves the gift of fitness. This FREE ride provides an opportunity to check out our newest instructors and experience the Shine Cycle difference! Sign-up online, no class/series purchase required.

Perfect for birthday parties, weddings, or business leaders who want to build employee camaraderie and teamwork, let us customize your ride! Contact Shine Cycle to plan your next private event and we will customize the class to your specific abilities and objectives.


Our intimate Studio B offers body-changing classes that combine TRX Suspension Training with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for a total body focus. THESE Small classes combine the energy and motivation of a group exercise with the personal attention and education of one-on-one training.




For all fitness levels, PUSH, PULL and PLANK with our TRX® Total Body class! Using suspension straps and body weight, this contagiously fun class improves flexibility and strength. Strong Body. Beautiful Soul.


New to TRX? Learn the ropes in this introductory class which guides you through low-impact, easy-to-follow progressions. This light-hearted class offers unparalleled instruction and provides confidence before signing up for a regular class. Bring a friend and you’ll leave hooked on suspension training!

Created exclusively for Shine Cycle, our signature class is designed to safely burn fat and build lean mass by utilizing high intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance training. Expect a variety of time-based drills, strongman toys, battle ropes, kettlebells, and Concept II Rowers. Work alone, in pairs or compete in teams.Keep your standards high and your squats low!


Whether you’re looking for a challenging, athletic experience or a connection with your inner Zen, we offer a variety of styles to empower your journey. No matter your age or fitness level, our welcoming, candle-lit classes inspire confidence and well-being that lasts long after you roll up your mat.




This dynamic and fast-paced yoga flow is a challenging physical practice that is designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance and concentration with an emphasis on breath. Inversions and balances may be explored. The combination of powerful poses softened at the end with deep stretching creates a fulfilling and blissful experience.

All Levels. If new to yoga, we recommend Flow Yoga.


This creative fusion of yoga and Pilates targets deep abdominal muscles, hips and shoulders with proper alignments and a healthy range of motion. Focusing on core stability, our beat-bumping playlists and knowledgeable teachers will help you feel longer, leaner, and stronger as you take your practice off the mat.

All Levels. If new to yoga, we recommend Flow Yoga.

Our signature Vinyasa Flow class links breath and movement with attention to alignment and a fluid, graceful flow. Connecting poses together and flowing builds heat in the body and calmness in the mind. Ideal for athletes, riders, and runners, the class ends with deep stretches and a relaxing savasana. All Levels.