Shine Cycle

It starts with the first pedal stroke. Your heart beats faster, your senses awaken, and mesmerizing beats unleash unstoppable energy to keep you SHINING all day!




Shine Cycle is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle through exercise and inspiration. Train your body, focus your mind, and find a new radiance inside and out. As your light shines brighter, you will ignite the same power in others - this is our mission and our message. 

Shine Cycle believes in the profound impact of positive energy, and every aspect of our studio design will brighten your life. Carved out of imagination and fused with the local culture, we created a space where you’ll stand out rather than fit in. From the friendly front desk staff to Brunei’s finest instructors, we are a community joined by a passion to make the world a happier, healthier, brighter place.

At Shine Cycle, we understand there is often darkness before light and it’s okay to be a glow stick before you shine. Our inclusive studio is welcoming to all, and when the lights go down and the music turns up, we pedal passion and sweat ambition – together. We ride for a reason: to find clarity, to find power, and to feel strong in our head and our hearts.  


“Motivate your senses and simplify your mind. Simulate that feeling from another place and time. And we’re gonna shine through the rays of glory underneath the flashing lights.”
-Shine (Sam Padrul feat. Chuck New)