An adrenaline junkie and adventure seeker, Adib’s classes are challenging, magical, and inspiring. His contagious smile and positive attitude are fused with diverse playlists to create unstoppable energy that keeps you smiling all day. You’ll sweat passion and pedal ambition in each endorphin-blasting class that leaves you craving for more.

Real fun. Real hard. Real empowering.

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With a background in dance and fitness, Teddy’s infectious energy transforms each high intensity class into a party on a bike. His tagline is #ridethehousedown, and he jams electrifying playlists with a high dose of positive motivation to leave you stronger and happier after each class. Every ride is carved out of a genuine desire to help people achieve their personal goals.

Clip in. Rock out. Party on.

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Syaf discovered fitness during her life changing journey to overcome struggles with weight loss and emotional eating. With an irresistible smile and unstoppable joy, she infuses every pedal stroke with energy, grace, and gratitude for every mistake and victory that has landed you right here. When the lights go down and the music turns up, you’ll have fun burnin’ it off as Syaf pushes you to bring out your inner champion.

Change gears. Break the cycle.

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The epitome of human sunshine, Pei’s classes are fun, strong and athletic. An athlete from a young age, Pei competed in various sports. She was a badminton state player and also competed in track & field. She loves both the physical and mental challenge that fitness brings. Pei will ensure you have a fun and focused class that leaves your body and mind feeling pumped! She is here to show you that we all have an athlete inside of us and will help motivate and guide you to reach your goals.




A former soldier in the French army, Luc has an extensive background in bodybuilding, fitness and football. He moved to Brunei in 2014 as a personal trainer and is widely respected for his commitment to helping clients achieve success. Always striving for best techniques, Luc traveled to London for certification in TRX Suspension Training and TRX Group Training. His high-energy, positive style of group teaching will help you smash your fitness goals with classes designed to strengthen your core, flexibility and endurance. Luc believes fitness has infinite mental, social, and physical benefits and he strives to share these with everyone!

Movement Is medicine. Move well. Live well.



A lifelong obsession with athletics, Kai combines high energy and positive vibes to deliver an insanely effective workout. His focus on proper technique and mastering movement will help you achieve faster results and destroy your limits. Kai's classes are fluid, ferocious, and filled with fun!

Challenge your limits.



Do what you love, and love what you do. That’s Abrianna; fitness and wellness yogi. Yoga is a way of life as it keeps her grounded and balanced. In 2015, Abrianna left the corporate world and embarked on a journey to follow her passion. She was drawn to yoga and the benefits it brought to her life, and developed a deep and sincere desire to guide people to discover their potential and love for their body. In 2016, Abrianna was certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. Abrianna’s classes are carefully crafted with sequences of poses that are designed to promote synchronization of movement with breath.